About The Meat Free Foodie
Emma Cookson

I am Emma, I created The Meat Free Foodie site due to my love of healthy, tasty, ethical food.

I’ve always had a healthy relationship with food, eating adult sized meals and learning to cook from scratch at an early age.

I turned vegetarian aged 13, as a sudden response to having to eat a horrible tasting, store bought, processed chicken pie. I then slowly learnt about the ethical reasons of adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.

2014 marked my tenth year as a strict vegetarian. In March 2014, I became vegan and I am still passionate about my veganism and love trying out new vegan meal ideas as well as introducing vegan meals and recipes to friends and family.

I love researching and cooking nutritional, healthy and seasonal produce. I love nothing more than testing out a ‘super food’ I haven’t yet tried or cooking with fresh, seasonal vegetables.
I also love cooking different cuisine, I particularly like cooking Italian, Spanish, Moroccan, Mexican, Thai and Indian foods. I often take classical dishes and adapt them to suit my personal tastes or fuse two different cuisines together.

Turning vegan took a lot of time, research, and preparation. The UK has gained more awareness and acknowledgment of veganism, many restaurants now cater for vegan dietary requirements and supermarkets are increasingly better at stocking vegan friendly foods and meat substitutes.

However, I do think it can be tricky at times to come up with new, interesting and well balanced vegan meal ideas, which is why I’ve created this website. I also aim to show just how simple and easy it is to cook tasty meals from scratch, this is why I’ve started video versions of my recipes that you can find on this site or on my YouTube channel.

If you think I should cover anything else on here, then please get in touch!